Welcome to Written By Vontress. This space was created to showcase my Published work as a poet, connect you with my collection of merchandise and my lifestyle blogging posts.
My Debut Poetry book “Rose Petals Under a Reaper’s Robe ”
was released on July 6th 2018. I have been so humbled by the positive feedback I have gotten from family, friends and even strangers. I am amazed to know that my heart and soul was put into words and it has helped other women in such positive ways. I only hope to continue to perfect my craft.

Vontress R. Ortega

The second installment to my Poetry collection ” Unveiled” was recently released on January 10, 2019. ( My Birthday) I didn’t think that I could do it. Knock out a complete collection in less than a year and have such an overwhelming response to my work. It has made me realize my purpose and only motivates me to do more.

Recently I have Joined a amazing group of women on Queen Media Collective as a resident blogger. I am so overwhelmed with the encouragement and support the ladies have shown. Be sure to like and follow their page as well to get more amazing articles from myself.


I only hope to have the continued support and positive feedback throughout my journey. I would like to thank those of you have taken the time out to send me letters and words of encouragement. They mean more to me then I think you all know . If you have purchased directly from Amazon please take the time to leave a review, and If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to like my Facebook page ” Written by Vontress ” and Follow my Instagram: @WrittenByVontress for daily updates and discussions throughout the week .



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